Welcome to AMCARS

Your trusted car imports partner in Honduras

First of all

About Us

Welcome to AMCARS, your trusted car imports business in Honduras. We specialize in sourcing, purchasing, and importing vehicles from USA auctions, ensuring that our customers receive high-quality cars at competitive prices. With our expertise in logistics and customs clearance, we make the process seamless and hassle-free. Explore our wide selection of vehicles and experience exceptional after-sales services.

Not to mention

Auction Participation

Discover a wide range of vehicles available at USA car auctions and participate in the bidding process to secure the best deals for our customers.

And let's not forget

Vehicle Selection and Purchase

Our expert team carefully selects high-quality vehicles from USA auctions based on customer preferences and budget. Once chosen, we handle the purchase process to ensure a seamless experience.


AMCARS is a professional car imports company that facilitates the purchase, transportation, and importation of vehicles from the United States to Honduras. With years of experience and a strong network, we ensure a smooth and reliable process for our clients.

Driving Dreams, Delivering Quality